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Customers are searching for your services online. Will they find you?

Digital Marketing Inc. brings a diverse background and unparalleled experience to digital marketing projects. With a focus on integrating all marketing strategies to see success across the board, our team works directly with your business to craft a personalized strategy that helps you reach your goals. We are dedicated to growing your business through our digital marketing expertise.

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DMI is a family-owned advertising and marketing company based in the Kansas City area with over 20 years of experience in the industry. The team at DMI combines expertise in print advertising, local business marketing, and digital agency knowledge to provide a comprehensive and unique approach to a digital marketing strategy.

We understand where your business needs to be and the most effective strategies to increase your brand visibility online.

A comprehensive SEO strategy by DMI helped save an electrician's toxic online presence

A realtor uses text marketing to sell house within hours of posting text club signs on property listing.

Convenience store sees increased sales using Social Media Marketing and Text Marketing.

Integrated Digital and Print strategy earns local garage door company first page rank and $11K in 9 days.


Here Are Just a Few of Our Services We Use to Deliver Results

Web Design and Development

Our Web Design and Development team offer affordable template designs that are personalized for your business or custom designed WordPress sites.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We ensure your website is accessible to search engines and then crafts an integrated strategy to raise your search engine rank by optimizing your digital presence across all platforms.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Our Search Engine Marketing team provides SEM services with an expert knowledge of how customers respond to advertising with our print background combined with an understanding of keyword bidding strategies for any budget.

Mobile Marketing

Reach customers in a highly personal, immediate, and effective way with mobile marketing. DMI harnesses the power to drive sales on slow days, move inventory, and build a loyal customer base. Our mobile marketing services include text marketing, mobile design, mobile optimization, and mobile advertising.

Social Media Marketing

The social team at DMI has been on the cutting edge of social media marketing strategies for years and understands which platforms you should be on, the content that generates engagement, and how to make social contribute to your SEO.

Brand Management

With brand management, we utilize online listings and reputation management strategies to ensure everyone can find your business online by pushing correct business information to over 200 sites with high domain authority. We also manage your brand presence and reputation online by utilizing all reviews that come in, good or bad, to always leave the customer with a positive view of your business.

Content Marketing

The base of all digital marketing success begins and ends with content marketing. We know exactly what type of content is needed on each platform to help you rank better and build a loyal customer base.

Call Tracking and Web Tracking

We can implement and manage a call measurement program so you can track the ROI of your advertising, marketing, or website to see what is working for you.

Complete Analytics and Results Measurement

We will provide a dashboard of all analytics and results so you can see how you are doing and we can measure our efforts and adjust your strategy for more success.

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